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秋茄(Kandelia obovata)林生态系统的重金属污染是滨海湿地研究的重要组成。为探究闽东 不同起源秋茄林湿地的健康风险与重金属污染的状况,运用污染负荷指数法和人体健康风险评价法 分析闽东不同起源秋茄林湿地表层沉积物重金属的含量特征并评估其健康风险。结果表明:(1)秋 茄天然林湿地表层沉积物重金属平均含量排序为 Zn(102.38 mg·kg-1)> Pb(101.53 mg·kg-1)> Cu (11.72 mg·kg-1)> Cd(0.91 mg·kg-1);秋茄人工林表层沉积物重金属含量排序为 Zn(152.81 mg·kg-1)> Pb(105.83 mg·kg-1)> Cu(16.38 mg·kg-1)> Cd(1.33 mg·kg-1)。(2)天然红树林表层沉积物重金属 的区域污染负荷指数(IPL zone)低于人工红树林,对应的污染等级均为 1,属于中度污染。(3)秋茄 林湿地表层沉积物重金属对成年男性和成年女性非致癌风险(Non carcinogenic Risk, RN)均低于 1, 对人体造成的非致癌风险很低,Pb 元素对儿童的 RN 高于 1,会对儿童造成非致癌风险;Cd 对成年 男性、成年女性和儿童的致癌风险(Cancer Risk, RI)均大于 1.0×10-6,对人体存在严重的致癌风险。 综上所述,闽东秋茄林湿地重金属污染较为严重,应控制湿地周边污染物排放和对湿地进行净化治 理。
[英文摘要]Heavy metal pollution in Kandelia obovata ecosystem is an important part of coastal wetland research. In order to explore the health risk and heavy metal pollution of Kandelia obovata wetland of different origins in eastern Fujian,this study explored the content characteristics of heavy metals in surface sediments of different origins of Kandelia obovata wetlands and assessed their health risks in eastern Fujian by using the pollution load index method and human health risk assessment method. The results were as follows: (1) The average content of heavy metals in surface sediments of Kandelia obovata natural forest wetland was Zn(102.38 mg·kg-1)> Pb(101.53 mg·kg-1)> Cu(11.72 mg·kg-1)> Cd(0.91 mg·kg-1). The order of heavy metal content in surface sediments of Kandelia obovata plantation was Zn ( 152.81 mg·kg-1)> Pb(105.83 mg·kg-1)> Cu(16.38 mg·kg-1)> Cd(1.33 mg·kg-1). (2) The regional pollution load index (IPL zone) of heavy metals in surface sediments of Kandelia obovata natural forest was lower than that of Kandelia obovata plantation, and the corresponding pollution levels of Kandelia obovata plantation and natural forest were both 1, which belonged to moderate pollution. (3) The non-carcinogenic risk (Non carcinogenic Risk, RN) of heavy metals in surface sediments of Kandelia obovata wetland to adult males and adult females was lower than 1, and the non-carcinogenic risk to human body was very low. The RN of Pb element to children was higher than 1, it would cause non-carcinogenic risk to children. The carcinogenic risk (Cancer Risk, RI) of Cd to adult males, adult females and children was greater than 1.0×10-6, and there was a serious carcinogenic risk to the human body. The results indicate that heavy metal pollution of wetlands in eastern Fujian was serious. Therefore, we should control the pollutant emission around the wetland and purify the wetlands. In addition, adding the health risk assessment of heavy metals to the evaluation of Kandelia obovata wetland ecosystem will help to strengthen the ecological protection and risk management of Kandelia obovata.
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Recommended references: 潘 辉,郑开基,游巍斌,王韧,蔡金标,何东进.(2021).不同起源秋茄林湿地重金属污染与健康风险评价.广西植物.[ChinaXiv:202112.00142] (Click&Copy)
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